Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I invited our neighbor and her family over for dinner last weekend. I decided I will make beef biriyani but I have never cooked it before. So I used a package spice mix I already had I bought from the indian store. I will just follow direction on the package. How hard can it be? Well, it wasn't very hard but I had to guestimate. I used to work as a chemist and this method sucks! Why? Because it doesn't give a set quantity of how much of the ingredients to use! There were two quanitities. Rice and beef. I am supposed to use ginger-garlic paste and yogurt but the package had no amount listed. I ended up using about two table spoons but I have to say I was very nervous about how my dish is going to come out! Its okay to try but not on the day when I have guests coming over for dinner! Experiments are for your own to try fail and adjust. For guests, you want to try a no-fail recipe that you have prepared before. Anyway, it turned out fine in the end and wasn't too spicy. I was afraid it might have been and my two little guests who are 11 and 5 yrs old wouldn't be able to eat it. Ugh, I really gotta start taking pics before we eat it all up so I can take pics for you to see. Yeah, it didn't look anything like the indian restaurant biriyani! LOL!

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